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  • Ithaca is trending. What does clothing have to do with books?

    A few days ago, Ithaca hosted its first Fashion week and as I strolled downtown, I encountered all sorts of enthusiastic fashionistas. Two women were sketching designs with chalk on the sidewalk, a runway rehearsal was happening at Dewitt Mall, and I... more >>

  • Bird Feeding: 4 mystifying facts you didn’t know

    A recent 1869 Cornell University Podcast revealed that an astonishing one third to a half of the homes in Northwestern Europe, the United States, and Australia are feeding wild birds. We get it, bird feeding is a huge trend. And yet . . . should we do... more >>

  • Won’t you celebrate with me? 31 ways to celebrate National Poetry Month

    It’s National Poetry Month and the Academy of American Poets have come up with 30 different ways to celebrate it. The ideas are creative and include subscribing to a daily digital poetry series featuring more than 200 previously unpublished poems... more >>

  • You Know How It Is

    You know how it is. You go to school, you get a degree, find a career, maybe you meet some cute girl . . .  Wait—what? If you’re like me, you only too often find yourself reading something like this sentence above, describing some supposedly potential... more >>

  • A Parade of Books for Irish-American Heritage Month

    While there were many a St. Patrick’s Day celebration this past weekend, few can ever match the annual New York City St. Patrick’s Day parade up Fifth Avenue. Now in its 257th year, the parade features an estimated 100,000 marchers and two million... more >>

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