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  • Unbuttoning America in the Wall Street Journal

    Unbuttoning America: A Biography of “Peyton Place” by Ardis Cameron is featured in the May 22 edition of the Wall Street Journal: A Book to Take to Bed. An excerpt appears below: “Unbuttoning America boasts a sizzling cover of a busty ’50s... more >>

  • John M. Schuessler on the Lead-up to the Iraq War

    The sequence of events that lead to the 2003 Iraq War is receiving fresh attention as a result of Jeb Bush’s presidential aspirations. Here’s one take on the issue from James Fallows: The Right and Wrong Questions about the Iraq War. In... more >>

  • Celebrating Our Cornell University Authors

    As Commencement Weekend (May 22–24) fast approaches, it seems an opportune time to highlight some recent books whose authors and editors teach at Cornell University. The range of topics represented in this selection of books by Cornell professors... more >>

  • Recent Award Winners

    The Baron’s Cloak: A History of the Russian Empire in War and Revolution by Willard Sunderland’s is the winner of the 2015 Ohio Academy of History Book Award Blood Ties: Religion, Violence, and the Politics of Nationhood in Ottoman Macedonia... more >>

  • Kathryn S. March on the Devastation in Nepal

    In the Cornell Chronicle, Kathryn S. March, whose book “If Each Comes Halfway”: Meeting Tamang Women in Nepal features a CD of traditional songs recorded nowhere else, wrote this heartrending account of the fate of the village where she... more >>

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