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  • The Poetry of Everyday Life #PlaceMoment Twitter Giveaway

    Who are we without the drive to discover? Steve Zeitlin, in The Poetry of Everyday Life, helps us to maximize our capacity for fulfillment and expression by tapping into the beauty and meaning inherent in everyday life. In our “place moment” blog post... more >>

  • Outbox: What makes a book timely?

    Book editors are notorious for having too much to read and edit, running behind schedule, and, generally, holding up brilliant work that should have been published yesterday. Whether we are seen as imperious gatekeepers whose ways remain hidden behind... more >>

  • #7DaysofThanks

    From November 25–December 1, we’re having our biggest sale of the year on all books available for order on our website. Use Promo Code 09THANKS16 to get 50% off. And thanks for being part of our... more >>

  • Doc Martyn’s Sage Marketing: Reading is Power

    Reading is power, because knowledge gives us the tools to think more widely about the things that confront us on a daily basis. In the aftermath of the presidential election many thousands of think pieces, blogs, articles, and much more have been... more >>

  • With its corruption crackdown, China is also stamping out innovation

    Yuen Yuen Ang, University of Michigan Guo Yongchang, party secretary of a rural county in China’s Henan province, did not fit the stereotype of a corrupt Chinese official. Featured in the documentary, The Transition Period, he was revealed as an... more >>

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